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All my buddies were in tee ball, or rushing off to soccer practice. I was at the dining room table, my hands covered with graphite lead and the table covered with so much paper that the family would eat in the other room. My "How to Draw books" were so used that I can still see every page in my head till this day. Anyone can draw! That's a fact. But I had to draw! I found my dad would go through the trash and pull my unwanted sketches out before he took it to the curb. He would tell me "You should sign these Robert...They'll be worth something someday!" That was the push I needed. Not from the outside, but the push from within.

I pushed further into art on through high school. Then attending Savannah College of Art and Design. Now almost 20 years have passed. The gray hairs are now showing up, and the days of pink erasers have long gone. And No, my dad is not running around backing up all my files.

But one thing has never changed... the Push.

And for that I am Blessed.

Rob Edwards

Prairie Dog illustrations All Work is copyrighted and may not be used without written permission. ©2021

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